Ronald Wade Collection Frame 9

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Description HAKE # Past Auction Sales Records or
Hake Estimated Value
Estimated Value
Let's Back Nixon with Nixon pointing to Khruschev horizontal window sticker $45
Nixon pointing to Khruschev Texas horizonal postcard     $45
Nixon pointing to Khruschev horizontal postcard     $25
Nixon pointing to Khruschev brochure     $25
Nixon pointing to Khruschev vertical postcard     $25
Would you buy a used car from this man, Anti-Nixon handcard     $25
Nixon Fan Club membership card     $12
Experience Counts Nixon and Lodge 3 1/2" paper badge     $14
(Now in safe deposit box) 1 3/4" Goldwater Says Don't Dodge--Vote Nixon and Lodge NIX29 $109 $145
(Now in safe deposit box) Cut Taxes with Nixon hatchet-shaped tab NIX2183 $25 $35
Go with Nixon and Go with Lodge foot-shaped die-cut bumper stickers set     $25
6" long Hawthorne Unit, Passaic County Nixon woven ribbon RMNNOV-127   $35
Nixon yellow ribbon-bow with Nixon blue on gold lapel pin     $20
Nixon-Lodge blue ribbon-bow with Experience Counts Nixon and Lodge button     $20
Nixon is Better than TV, Americans for Fairplay matchbook, silver on blue     $15
Nixon for President book RMNNOV-122   $10
Nixon-Lodge matchbook RMNNOV-123   $10

Experience Counts Vote Nixon-Lodge paper cap


Nixon-Lodge clock-designed ashtray RMNNOV-86   $40
6" Vote for President Richard M. Nixon NIX2032 but 6"   $35
Nixon and Family thank you card after 1960 campaign


Best for Texas Nixon and Lodge/Texas Democrats for Nixon & Lodge cardboard poster     $35
This Man Nixon book, the first book issued with biography of Nixon for Ike campaign in 1952.     $35